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                                                     .:First Kiss II:.

Kagome stroked her hanyou’s ears as she gazed down upon him sleeping. The soft light from the noon sun trickling his cheeks with radiance as his mouth hung a little open revealing his small fangs. His upper lashes closed, kissing the top of his cheeks as he slept. She couldn’t help but smile.

InuYasha could not sleep, but kept his eyes remained shut, as he laid his head in Kagome’s lap. For thoughts that baffled him sung through his mind. Decisions he knew he would have to make in the near future. He could feel his fingers twitch at his side.

“InuYasha?” He heard from above. He swung his eyes open and tilted the top of his head back into Kagome’s thighs as he looked up at her. “Kagome... what is’et?”
She looked square into his eye as she spoke softly. “Is there something the matter, InuYasha?” She asked as she tilted her head in confusion. The hanyou immediately answered with an “Eh!” As he felt somewhat astonished in a way of her question. “Why ask that?” He stated as she kept her eyes fixated on him. She looked away for a moment then back on his face. “You seemed unease...”

At that notion he flipped his body at a descent speed as he turned over onto his stomach lifting his head from her lap and once again resting on his elbow. “Unease?” He asked.
Kagome nodded then placing a hand on his shoulder. InuYasha glanced at the hand as he pulled his chin into his neck for the sight was lower then his eye’s height. “Is something ailing you?” She asked.

InuYasha blushed as he stared wide-eyed at the miko, causing her to blush. He then placed his own hand atop the miko’s, which lay on his shoulder. He lowered his head with a simple smile and eyes closed. “How could anything ail me...? When I’m with you...”

Kagome blushed more; the saying set her back a bit. “InuYasha didn’t really talk like this... something must be wrong...” She thought to herself as the hanyou smiled at her. “InuYasha... does it have to do with Naraku?” She hesitantly asked as she lifted her fist to her heart. InuYasha looked up at her with a dumb look on his face. “Naraku... Kagome I said it was nothing...” He said softly but with a hint of sternness in his tone.

He sat up not returning to Kagome’s lap as he crossed his arms into his Hinezumi.
Kagome felt bad. She thought she had ruined the moment. InuYasha turned toward her and eyes fell to the ground. “Kagome...?” He asked startling her causing her to look up.

“It’s just...” He began as he looked up to her eyes. She blushed at his piercing golden eyes. “I- I- don’t know what to say... I- I’m worried about you...” He whispered as his eyes once again fell to the ground. “Worried?” Kagome asked. InuYasha softly nodded. “I know I have sworn to protect you... but...” He swallowed the lump in his throat as he looked up at her sad eyes. “K--gome!” He sang startled at her condition. Tears began to swell in her eyes. He jumped to her taking her into his arms. “InuYasha...” She whimpered as she clenches a fist full of the Fire Rat, which covered his chest in her hand.  She dug her face into his chest as she snuggled against him.

“Kagome...” InuYasha repeated trying to start again. “I...” But before he could continue Kagome leaned up taking a shoulder into her hand and kissing the hanyou’s soft lips.
She settle back down onto his chest closing her eyes with a soft smile and a trickle of rose pink across her cheeks. “InuYasha... I love you, too....”

InuYasha leaned back at the words as he looked down on her still clinging to his chest. “Kagome?” He unwontedly barked. She looked up with a bit of worry in her eyes. “I--” He began, then realizing he might not be able to continue, he suddenly picked up the miko into his arms and pulling her up into a hug. Kagome’s head, now setting on his shoulder looked over to the hanyou’s face, which was buried into her back. “I love you... Kagome!” He yelled but became muffled in Kagome’s back. She smiled as a tear fell down her cheek. InuYasha smelled the salty stench and pulled her back down from his shoulder with both hands clamped around her shoulders, as he looked her over to see what the cause of the tears was. He made his way to her face; which was a small smile, blushed cheeks, and tears running down them. “InuYasha...” She whispered.

Still confused of the tears he looked at her. She took her hand to his chest and softly pushed him to the ground. She lay atop of him with her head settled with a cheek against his neck and support by placing her forehead against his chin. She wrapped her open arm around his chest and set her hand on his arm. The other arm beneath her she closed her eyes as she rubbed her forehead against his chin as she snuggled into him. “My wish... has come true...” She whispered with a small smile on her face. InuYasha tilted his head and lifted it a bit to look down on her. He smiled showing his fangs as he placed a hand on the soft tiny hand which set on his arm and took the other arm and wrapped it around her back and setting a hand on her shoulder. He too, snuggled his chin against her forehead.

The air was warm from the sun, which now blanketed them. The sacred tree above shaded them from the sun, waist up as their legs bathed in the sun’s radiance.
Both had a wonderful smile on their faces as they laid there in peace.


InuYasha’s nose twitched as a butterfly rudely landed on it. He smacked his face missing it completely but ending up hurting himself. Kagome was already up from their nap cleaning the camp sight. InuYasha sat up resting on the palms off his hands behind his back against the soft ground. He bent a knee up then taking his left hand he placed it on the knee. It hung of a ways from it as it limply drooped. He leaned his back forward as he swung the other arm and hand atop of his hand on his knee. His back felt a lot better as he arched to set his chin on his two hands and knee. He gazed upon the working girl as she sat on her feet, kneeling; she swung her upper body back and forth to grab an object and swinging to put in the pack on the other side of her as she filled her yellow back pack of the contents she had removed to find a water bottle. She had found it; at the bottom of the sack, being crushed by a algebra text book.” The bottle was a bit dented as she unscrewed the top of and began to guzzle the mouth of the bottle. Her throat bobbed as she swallowed and a trickle of escaped drop trickled down her chin then down her neck, landing on her green kerchief around her shoulders. She sighed as she took it from her mouth and screwed the top back on. She stood looking at the bottle’s funny jumping turtle character that had a speech bubble yelling “Oishii ken suzushii!” as it waved it’s arms in the air.

She then noticed the hanyou’s eyes. She looked up and then smiled. “Korede” She chirped as she held out the bottle to him. He took it with one hand leaving the other still resting on his knee. Kagome turned away from him as she flew back down causing her skirt to fly a bit along with her hair upwards as she descend onto her knees. She grabbed onto one of the straps of her backpack and swung it over her shoulder taking the other strap with her other hand and sliding her arm through it. She stood back up and turned to the hanyou who had chugged the water given to him and know was looking at the strange cartoon turtle on the bottle. Kagome giggled causing him to look up from his thoughts. “Ready to go?” She asked with a smile on her face.

InuYasha stood up next to her as she turned around so he could put the bottle in her backpack. He then turned around hands out to his sides as Kagome turned and climbed onto his back stepping on the hands which acted as steps and then grabbed onto his shoulders. InuYasha leaped into the air as they ascended from the campsite. Kaede’s hut was in view as InuYasha leaped off a tree they were passing.


“Do you think they got in a another fight, Kaede?” Shippou asked as he picked up the spoon Lady Kaede had asked him to fetch as she made potato soup. “Kagome might have became irritated with InuYasha and had gone home... I wouldn’t be surprised if InuYasha came back alone...” The monk thought aloud as he stroked his chin and glanced at the floor. “Kagome told me she had something for InuYasha...” Sango added speaking to the monk. She then looked down as she signed. “Then again, InuYasha is not the one to show his gratification for a gift, and that might of upset Kagome...”

“I might not be so quick to judge, Sango and Miroku.” The strong miko suggested as she gave them both a glare. “I wasn’t judging... I was merely comprehending the probability of the two’s bickering.” Miroku explained trying to make the miko see his point of view. Which was the constant sight of Kagome and InuYasha fighting about ridicules matters. “Yeah Kaede, those two fight each other more then they fight youkai...” Sango added having looked from the floor up to the cooking miko.

“You should give them more respect... for even if they fight they also love each other... or have you not noticed that yet.”

“You would have to be blind not to see that that’s true...” Shippou suggested as he crossed his small kitsune arms and closed his eyes.

Sango and Miroku nodded. They new for a long time that the two were in love, even the time InuYasha chose to protect Kikyou over Kagome, and Kagome had gone home. They believed she’d never return to the feudal era. Now a days InuYasha seems to be more into Kagome then his first love Kikyou, but they weren’t completely sure.

The five sat in silence until Kirara’s ears perked up and she let out a smile “meow”, she stood on all fours and walked to the door. She let out another “meow” as she turned her head to Sango. Sango nodded with a small smile. “Hey! Is anybody home?” A voice called from outside the hut. “Kagome’s back!” Shippou cried out in happiness as he followed the demon cat out through the door way and outside. Sango arose followed by Miroku who grabbed his staff; and then pivoting himself off of the floor with it.

Shippou ran and jumped into Kagome’s open arms as Kirara rubbed her head against InuYasha’s leg. “Hey Kirara...” He said in a small happy tone. “Kagome, I was so worried about you! I thought that InuYasha must of upset you again and you had run home back down the well again...” Shippou said as he hugged her.

“I’m right here, you runt.” InuYasha growled as he lifted an arm readying him to sock the small kitsune. “AH! Kagome!” Shippou cried as he squeezed Kagome’s arm and clenching his eyes shut. InuYasha’s eyes grew large and his mouth shrunk to a speck. “Ah! you coward...” He said as he crossed his arms into his Hinezumi and sticking his nose into the air as he closed his eyes. “Ah! Kagome, I was so scared!” The kitsune sobbed into her shirt. “Shippou... you gatta learn to stand up to yourself if you wanna grow up to be a strong demon.” She reassuringly said in a calm pleasant voice. Shippou looked up at her with a bit of astonishment. “You really... think I could be a strong demon?” He asked. Kagome nodded as she smiled. “Of course!”

“Kagome.” Sango called out as she exited the hut. “Sango!” Kagome called back as she set down the kitsune and ran over to the girl. They both giggled with their hands to their mouths. “How was your time away from the feudal era?” Sango asked as Kirara jumped into her arms. “Aw... it was great! I got a lot of school work done... and my soft bed was worth the wait.”  By this time Miroku made his way to InuYasha who was still in his stance. “Was there any problems, InuYasha?”  Miroku asked as he leaned an ear to hear what the hanyou had to say. “Heh!” InuYasha chuckled. “Nani?” Miroku asked at the hanyou’s answer. “ Why would you think there was a problem...” The hanyou growled as he glared at the monk. Miroku waved his hands in front of him in surrender. “Uh... did you run into any trouble on the way here. I mean, it did take you longer then it should have.” Miroku calmed down and moved his hand to his chin again. “I hope you two have been behaving.” The monk teased. InuYasha blushed at the thought of what Kagome and him did. “Eh!” Miroku looked at him puzzled. InuYasha looked down, eyes wide and a squiggle for a mouth. Miroku began to jab the hanyou’s ribs as he smiled and chuckled. “You dog you...”

“Eh! What are you thinking about, monk?” InuYasha demanded. The monk chuckled as he left the hanyou’s side to meet up with the girls. Shippou stood at InuYasha’s feet. “What a hentai...” The small kitsune sighed as he drooped his lids and look at the leaving monk. “Yeah... sure, hentai.” InuYasha gulped. “What’s wrong InuYasha... don’t let Miroku get to you... I mean he always has “that” on his mind.” The kitsune attempted to calm the tense hanyou. “Hey... why are you talking about “it”?” He asked as he moved his face to the small boy’s, with a ticked off look. “Arn’tcha a bit young for that kind of man talk.” He growled at the kitsune. Shippou twapped the hanyou’s nose as he then added. “You know darn well I’m not “that” young, InuYasha!”

“So Kagome... did anything in particular happen to you two?” The monk asked the poor defenseless girl. “Miroku!” Sango barked as Kagome blushed looking to the ground. “Hey, hey! A man has the right to ask.” Miroku once again waved his surrendering hands in the air. “Not if their YOU!” Sango barked as she held up a fist.
“Sango please, restrain from violence.” The cowardliness monk pleaded. Kagome waved a hand to clear the tension as she explained. “Please. It’s alright, nothing happened.” As she smiled; a fake uneasy smile, at both of them. “Ka-go-me...” Sango began.

“AHHH!! KAGOME HELP ME!!!” Shippou screamed as he ran from the pissed off hanyou. “RUNT! Twap me on the nose will’ya?” InuYasha roared as he chased after him. Kagome sighed as her head drooped. “Lunch is ready.” Lady Kaede called from the hut’s door. The three looked over as both Shippou and InuYasha stopped dead in their tracks, Shippou’s arms stretched out in from of him; one leg still up in the air. InuYasha’s arms above him with elongated claws and body leaning forward to pounce on the kitsune. “Come Shippou.” Kaede called to the kitsune. Shippou trotted away from his stance and InuYasha to the hut. InuYasha remained as he watched his prey run to the old lady. “C’mon InuYasha!” Kagome called for him. He relaxed as his arms went limp, dangling to his sides. He sighs and drags his feet to the hut. “I never get any fun...” He whiningly complains.
The second part to "First Kiss" and possibly not the last...

I do not own InuYasha
The rightful owner is the brilliant woman named
Rumiko Takahashi

“Oishii ken suzushii!” - "Delicious and Refreshing!"
“Korede” - "Here"
"Nani" - "What?"

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