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                                                     .:Our First Kiss:.

Kagome sat at the mouth of the Bone Eater’s Well, with a small wrapped package lying across her relaxed arms as she gazed thoughtfully upon the ground. “InuYasha.” She sighs. “Where are you?” A cool breeze washes over her causing her to shiver.

Her heart bounced as I thought drove into her mind. She jumps with a gasp. “WHAT IF HE’S HURT BAD?”
Raising a worried fist to her heart. “InuYasha?” She beckons softly.

She runs over to the pink bike settled on the waving grass balanced on a kickstand. She reaches it and kicks up the stand and begins peddling with heaviness. “InuYasha, you better not of gotten yourself killed!”

As she peddles she curses the hanyou’s name, but adds that she prays his being is all right.

She continues to peddle as she reaches the rice crops where the elder miko Kaede is. “Lady Kaede!” She pleads.
“What ales ye child?” The aged miko asks. Eyes sunk and face afire the little miko asks for the whereabouts of her hanyou.

“Ne child, but what does thou want with Lord InuYasha?” She answers.

Kagome begins to explain her need, when she realizes that she does not have the package on her person and she gasps. “O NO, WHERE’S INUYASHA’S PRESENT?”

Then realizing it must be in no harm and that she probably left it back at the well by accident, she relaxes but still tense for her missing hanyou.

Kaede senses her distress, and so she calls to the young miko.  “Is everything alright Kagome?”

“Yeah... I just wish I knew where InuYasha was...” As her head lowers.

“Kagome, if I was InuYasha I’d probably be arriving at the Bone Eater’s Well. Late....”
Realizing this must be true she thinks to herself her beautiful hanyou’s name.

“THANK YOU KAEDE!” She called back peddling away from the elder miko. “Kagome!” The priestess calls out, and then smiling at the leaving child she says to herself. “To be young again...”

Kagome rides with a smile across her face and hope in her eyes. “Here I come, my InuYasha!”


Kagome arrives back at the Bone Eater’s Well to find it the way she left it. There sitting on the well was her gift to InuYasha for their two year anniversary. She sets her bike against a tree as she steps forward her heart full of realization. “He must have forgotten...” Her head lowers as a sparkle runs down her cheek. “InuYasha...”

“Oi!” A voice calls from above.

Kagome jerks back her head to only see her beautiful hanyou sitting on an arm of a tree.

“Forget what?” He questioned, gracefully leaps to the ground.

Kagome blushes as her hanyou steps forward. “InuYasha, where were you?” She demanded.

“Hm?” He mumbled, wearing a confused look on his face.

“You’re late!” She pouts.

“Whatchu saying wench, I was here waiting for you!” He shouts.

“I waited for you for over an hour, so I finally went and asked Keade if she had seen you!”  Kagome replies.

“Uh-uh, You said five o’clock, so I came and it was five o’clock and you weren’t here!” He barked.

Kagome stared at the hanyou irately, and then her expression faded into confusion then embarrassment. She blushed as she squeaked trying to explain.


“InuYasha, let me see the watch I gave you?” She requested.

“Keh?” Then taking in her request raised his arm to her.

She pulled back the red Hinezumi’s sleeve to reveal a hello kitty watch that she gave InuYasha last year.
The watch clearly read 5:10PM. She then lifted her own arm up to place it next to InuYasha’s. 6:11PM.
Pink sprinkled her cheeks, as she couldn’t look up at the angered hanyou.

No longer angered but more confused then Kagome, the hanyou tried to comprehend the look on the young miko’s face.

“K’gome?” He asked.

Kagome still embarrassed at her mistake of forgetting to reset InuYasha’s watch for day light savings remained fixated on the ticking contraption.

InuYasha, a little blushed himself from no response from the miko, worried he had done something that upset her greatly to make her stiff up like that. “Kagome, I...I...I’m sorry.”

Kagome just shook her head. “It wasn’t anything you did InuYasha, it was just my foolish mind.” She clicked the reset button on his watch and begins to turn it to the correct time.

InuYasha still blushing looked at his miko as she fixed the problem. She then took his hand and led him over to the well.

“What is it Kagome?”

“Here.” As she placed the box into the hanyou’s hand. “Hm?” He said confusingly.

“Open it.” She added. “What the fuck is it?” He questioned. “Just open it.” She replied irritably.

The hanyou sliced the pink ribbon that was secured around the box, and opened it to find the item enclosed inside.

Kagome blushes as he looked down on it. “What is it?” He asks. “It’s candy, here.” She takes out a card with writing on it, as InuYasha takes out a poky stick. “What the fuck is this suppose to be?” He asked as he looked at the strange thing. “Eat it.” Kagome adds. “Eat’t?” He repeats as he sniffs at it. The smell of sweet and cocoa ran through his nose.

InuYasha licks the candy and realizes its pretty good. “Fuck Kagome, this is good!” He insists.
“I knew you’d like it.” She smiles. “Here read this.” As she holds up the card to the hanyou’s face. His eyes criss cross trying the read the paper that was just shoved into his face too close he couldn’t decode it. He takes it from the soft miko’s hand and holds it to a reasonable length from his eyes. “What’s it say?” He asks.
Kagome kicks herself for forgetting that she’s not in her era...again. “Here.” She suggests taking it from the hanyou’s claws. “It reads, happy two year anniversary.” As she then points to the last character. “See, this is your name...this is for you InuYasha.”

InuYasha blushes as he realizes that it is indeed their anniversary... as just friends, but he didn’t care; Kagome had the heart to get him, a hanyou, a gift in celebration for knowing each other for two years. That was more then he expected from her. He smiled as he bit down on the tasty treat she had brought him.

“Here y’go InuYasha, here’s the rest of the box of Pokies.” She offers as she hands him the red box.

InuYasha purred like a cat in enjoyment from her kindness toward him.
“O!” InuYasha added as he nearly choked on the candy. He then swoops down and picks up Kagome so that he can cradle her in his arms and then he leaped and began to sprint. Kagome not caring where he was taking her wrapped her arms around his neck as he continued to leap and sprint toward their destination.


In desperation for Kagome’s affection InuYasha did remember the anniversary and had secretly planned a special setting. He had taken all the modern things that Kagome had given him and had set up a quant little picnic under the Goshinboku that InuYasha was so unfortunately pinned to before Kagome had freed him from his eternal sleep. Kagome gasped at the sight as InuYasha gently set her to her feet. Tears swelled in her eyes as she continued to gaze upon what her hanyou had done for her.

InuYasha could smell the potent stench of Kagome’s tears and for a moment believed that she was angered with him, but all doubts disappeared when she had grasped him tightly with her arms as she dug her forehead into his shoulder. “Thank you InuYasha, thank you.”

Kagome was worried that InuYasha really didn’t have any feelings for her only just to be friends, until she saw what he had done and was over joyed at with his deed. She hugged him tightly as he laid his arms over her back.

He pushed her back away from him only to take her hand in his and lead her over to the blanket which was painted over with orange and deep purple from the setting sun over the mountains, creeping between the leaves on the trees.

InuYasha had built a fire pit and was starting to build up a fire. He succeeded quickly and before the cool night air could reach them, was doused by the warmth of the blazing fire. Kagome stared at the dancing flames as InuYasha took out two saved packs of ramon, which Kagome brought over a week earlier.

She had noticed that two were indeed missing from her sack but thought it as just InuYasha getting hungry in the night, and she had taught him recently how to prepare the ramon because she was getting tired of having to make it when herself wasn’t even that hungry. She’d do it any ways because it was InuYasha.

He then took out a bottle of water, which also went missing from Kagome’s sack earlier that week. She thought to herself. “He must have been planning this for a while.” She’d hoped his intentions were good and that all of this was just for being friends and nothing more, but a little part of her wished that it were more.

The smell of cooking herbs and spices filled the air as the ramon boiled in the heated pot on the fire. InuYasha’s stomach abruptly rumbled in demand for food, but he just looked up and smiled at Kagome with a small rose color across his cheeks. Kagome smiled back with a rumble of her stomach to match.

When the ramon was ready InuYasha surprisingly gave the first bowl to Kagome, when in reality he would have grabbed it and snarled it down. They both blushed as their hands brushed against each other as he handed her the bowl. Kagome giggled from the encounter. InuYasha then handed her the chopsticks and they both began to slurp up the ramon.

The meal was mostly in silence until InuYasha looked up at Kagome and asked. “Have you seen the monk or the demon slayer recently?”

Kagome shook her head. “Where did those two go?” She thought to herself.

InuYasha finished his ramon and was lying on his side; head resting on his bent arm and drowsily watching the warm fire. He took in a big yawn and then wiped a tear from his eye caused for the enormous action.
His joints and bones felt heavy and droopy, as he hadn’t slept in a few days from Kagome not being there. Recently he realized that he couldn’t sleep without her being around. He smiled at the miko as she finished off her ramon.

“Tired InuYasha?” She finally said.

“Nah, the fires just hot that’s all.” He said in a drowsy tone.

Kagome looked around for something, but in not finding it she placed her bowl down on a rock and walked over to the sleepy hanyou. She sat gently next to his head and edged her way over to him lifting his head up on her lap and placing his hands to a comfortable position to his sides. She had laid him on his back as this has happen to be a popular position for them because this is how Kagome would place InuYasha in when he was hurt or unconscious.

InuYasha could remember times in waking up with his head on her lap and her beautiful look peering down on him, sometimes with concern if the injury was bad, or happiness when he was recovering from being knocked out. Once he awoke and she was asleep sitting up with her hands tangled in his mane. One hand was close enough to his face for him to kiss it, but when he did the beautiful miko slowly began to awake so he pretended to still be unconscious so she wouldn’t move from her stance.

Now with his head placed in her lap and not having the problem of being hurt badly or being unconscious he could feel her gentle touch of her hands in his mane. He transiently blinked up at her with a trickle of pink across his face. She gazed at him and then looked up to follow the dancing fire as they sat there in silence at peace with each other. InuYasha amazed at her beauty and peace slipped into sleep.

InuYasha awoke when it was dark and the fire twinkled from the logs. Kagome was asleep bent over with her head hanging and her hairs scent tickled InuYasha’s senses. The smell of her hair was like no other flower he had ever caught whiff of. He couldn’t help but gaze up at her. He reached up and brushed her bangs from her eyes so he could see her whole beauty. His heart sang as her eyes twitched and opened. Head still bent looking down on him she smiled and placed her hand on his hand that was still at her forehead.

“Kagome?” He whispered.


He didn’t know why he said her name but something in him wanted to know more of her.
His heart thumped when she leaned down and kissed his forehead. “Thank you InuYasha, for this very special night.”

She held his head in her arms as his hands hung on to her arm as though she was trying to strangle him and he was holding onto her arms to keep the pressure of his neck, but he new it was intended for a lovely embrace.
Besides it caused him no discomfort. He new he loved this miko that was embracing him in a tender way. He hoped she loved him the same.

Her embrace loosened as the minutes let on as she slipped back into sleep, but InuYasha was still memorized by her scent and beauty to go back to sleep.

He turned his body to lay on his stomach when he new the miko had finally fallen into a deep sleep, and lifted himself with his knees. He reached over around her and held her as he moved her onto his lap. He kissed her cheek and slowly fell back with her on top of him. He wrapped her in his arms and InuYasha’s legs draped on the ground as Kagome’s lay on top of his.

InuYasha’s Fire Rat cushioned Kagome into a snugly soft resting spot as she sunk inside his left arm and snuggled her nose into the crevasse between his arm and chest. And with a sigh fell back into sleep.

InuYasha struggled to bend his head and neck so he could get a better look at the sleeping girl on his chest. He could feel his chin on his neck and then a slight aching in his backbone at the back of his head, and so gravity took over and his head collapsed back onto the soft grass, which felt warm from the fire. His neck felt tired, his head felt tired, and his eyes felt tired.

He reencountered and played out the first time Kagome and him first met. It felt weird to think when he first saw Kagome that he new nothing about her, but that she resembled “her” and that she even smelt of “her”. Almost knowing the miko completely and baffled at how he could never know anything about her from before made his head spin a bit. He couldn’t remember when and where in his reminiscent of that day when he finally fell asleep, with a beautiful miko in his arms slowing breathing against his chest as if their two breaths were fighting over who would go first or last.


InuYasha awoke with the miko in his arms but during the night she had fell cold and was now cradled between his arm and side with as much of the fire rat on her as she could pull, but her legs were still swung up on top of InuYasha’s. InuYasha could feel his legs tingle as they came back from the own sleep from the pressure of Kagome’s legs onto of them all night. He couldn’t help but smile at the fact that he had waiting so long to wake up beside her in the glistening morning, Even if they didn’t make love. He struggled once again to ring his head up to gaze upon the miko, but the pain soon came and so he laid back his head. He could feel the miko stir as she awoke.

“InuYasha?” The small miko whispered.

Being enable to lift his head from the second try to look at his love, he answered her.

She replied. “Are you alright?”

InuYasha hadn’t realized it but when he had finally given up and his head fell, he groaned at the slight pain in his back.

“Did you hit your head?” The miko asked.

“’s nothing Kagome....”

The meek miko sat up from the hanyou and pulled on his arm so that he would sit up. The pain returned with the lifting of his body.

InuYasha had felt this pain for a while, ever since their encounter with the mantis youkai.

Kagome crawled to the back of her hanyou and began to rub and message his back, He groaned in relief from the pain. His miko was very gentle with him and he so desperately wished she’d do more. Kagome indeed loved this hanyou before her, but she believed his heart already belonged to another. Her heart was a flutter when he leaned back into her hands signaling to dig deeper, she giggled to herself in the fact that her hanyou’s skin was much thicker then her mama’s when she would give her back rubs when she would come back from shopping with Souta. After awhile her fingers went numb from rubbing the somewhat roughness of the Fire Rat and unconsciously reached under InuYasha’s Kimono and began to rub his flesh.

From being in a trance from the pleasure Kagome was submitting he awoke from her touch on his skin. Her softness from her hands sent him into dizziness. He wanted her, but she couldn’t want a hanyou.

Kagome in a trance herself wanted InuYasha. She began to nibble at his neck at the sensitive spot between his neck and shoulder. InuYasha jumped at her jester, he couldn’t believe her actions. His lust for her grew as her breath traced the back of his neck. “K’gome.” He whispered as he relaxed into her.

She slid down onto his lap facing him and keeping herself above him a little with her knees. Her lips met inches away from his as she looked down into his eyes, breathing softly. The cool air brushed against InuYasha’s lips and which made him shiver. He tilted his head ready for her to slide into his mouth. They meet in a passionate kiss.

Mouths only opening occasionally for air. Their tongues engaged each other in battle as they ran their hands over each other’s bodies. Both feelings for each other came out for both of them to see. Words could not describe their first passionate kiss as though it were meant to be. Written in passages long ago for the world to know of it.

They loved each other, as it wasn’t plane enough to see, as they embraced each other in a lover’s way.


InuYasha was not disappointed that they didn’t make love; he was just as content with seeing Kagome’s true feelings for him, which in a way scared him. “What will happen if I make her my mate? Will she be accepted to other humans? Would she regret doing it?” Questions burned his mind as Kagome stroked his mane and played with his ears. InuYasha wanted to treat her as his mate as she should be treated, but he couldn’t. Things just couldn’t be shared between to beings without being mated first. “Would she have my pups?” The hanyou asked himself, but then shook off such nonsense. He made it look as though he had fallen asleep back on Kagome’s lap; there was no time for sleep now. “What would happen to us, Kagome, would we spire and live on together, as you become my mate and join my life span, so I’d... I’d never be alone again?” InuYasha questioned to himself wanting so bad to ask Kagome that same question.

Another Time, Another Kiss... :-*
I made this after reading other DA's love stories of InuYasha and Kagome, and I had to make my own. I made this today after I got home from school. I hope you enjoy it!

((Parts I-X))
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